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Envisioning the future of digital identities using blockchain infrastructure

Our Mission

collaborate, research,

Implement, and deploy. 


Encryptid seeks to foster greater collaboration between governments, NGOs, technologists, and academics in the effort to create secured digital identity systems built on blockchain infrastructure.

Due to increases in cross-border movement among displaced persons, enormous pressure is placed on the institutions responsible for providing legal, immutable, and easily accessible systems of record for the individuals under their protection. 

Encryptid develops regionally based strategies for the implementation of new identity management systems for the highly mobile, and for other disadvantaged populations. 

Join us in our efforts to bridge gaps and open borders.

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UN Sustainability Development Goal 16.9

100% Global legal identifications by 2030

The Problem

lack of a legal identity in the developing world.  


The Solution

Regionally based deployment of new technologies able to integrate across varied infrastructure.  

A significant number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals require a valid form of identification in order to benefit from a given initiative. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the intended beneficiaries do not hold such legal credentials. 

Given this absence of legal representation within governments and institutions, impoverished groups will have difficulty taking advantage of any new sophisticated digital systems built to achieve the targeted development goals of the UN. 

The solution to this problem is derived regionally, not universally. While each country has an equal responsibility to establish a robust identity system, the infrastructure is often vastly different across jurisdictions. This requires an understanding of the capabilities and limitations, by region, of establishing a legal system of record for the population. Whether its digital, analog, or a combination thereof, nothing can be determined without clear knowledge of current practices. 


Encryptid works to bring regionally based solutions for establishing legal identity. This is done through researching current country practices, developing implementation strategies, and advocating for the rapid deployment of the most efficient technologies for completing the task. 

Join us in our efforts.

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"For now we see in a glass, dimly; but then we shall see face to face. For now I know in part; but then shall I know, even as I am fully known."

— Saint Paul 

Our Beginning



Encryptid was started with the goal of exploring the many problems with establishing digital identities among displaced and vulnerable peoples, and working to implement practical solutions.

We believe that breaking the bonds of economic disadvantage lies first with the ability to prove that you are unequivocally, you.

20 Million+

Displaced and vulnerable persons without a legal form of identification.

2.5 Billion+

Adults worldwide without a legitimate bank account, inhibiting economic opportunity. 


UN target year to establish a legal identity for 100% of the global population.

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No identity held captive


Get Involved

If you are interested in working on a new project or initiative, we would love to connect and collaborate with you. Please reach out to us for more information about working together.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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