The Mission:

Foster Greater Collaboration

The World Bank Group initiated the Identification for Development initiative (ID4D) to identify the number of individuals across 198 countries living without a legal identity.  This is a key first step in achieving one of their major Sustainable Development Goals - specifically goal 16.9, which aims to provide 100% of the developing world with a legal Identification by 2030. 

There is a tremendous amount of work required to achieve SDG 16.9 and Encryptid plans to identify existing development gaps, seek solutions, and foster greater collaboration among all stakeholders to accomplish these ambitious goals. 

Our intent is to conduct regionally based research of current country practices, identify new technologies which could align with country needs, develop implementation strategies, and advocate for rapid funding and deployment. 



World Bank ID4D Dataset 2017

There are 1.1 Billion people living without a recognized identification, 30% under the age of 18. This data was compiled from 164 non-high income economies, with the goal of capturing the scale of the issue. 


Estimated Population Lacking Identification

World Bank ID4D Dataset 2017




South Asia Region


All Other

Path Forward:

Funding our Operation

As we begin our work, we will be conducting extensive research to identify where our help is needed most. We will publish our findings on the Projects section of our website and distribute our work across multiple partner platforms. 

We will be promoting the initiatives of ID4D and advocating for the establishment of blockchain solutions centering on digital identification. 

We will be developing roadmaps, providing implementation insights, highlighting blockchain industry developments, and conducting fieldwork in the areas where digital identification is needed most. 

We are currently seeking funding to support our launch, grow our team, and develop solutions for accomplishing the goals of this initiative. Please contact us at to find out how you can help. Additionally, we are set up to receive donations should you choose to contribute in that way.

As always, we are deeply grateful for every bit of help that comes in.